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Critical Role - Designs

A group of "nerdy-ass voice actors" playing 'Dungeons & Dragons', 'Critical Role' consists of over 200 episodes over 3 seasons with a collection of spin off comics, books and an animated show.

For my final degree Personal Performance Project I redesigned the characters Mollymauk Tealeaf and Jester Lavorre from season 2 to reflect the series if it were being produced as a live-action TV series. Taking inspiration from historical clothing but with an added twist of whimsical fantasy to reflect their individual characters.

I plan to complete the full set of character designs and costumes as my own personal project.


Embroidery pattern on Mollymauk's coat designed by RedELICE. Used with permission.

Mollymauk Final.jpg

Mollymauk Tealeaf

 A mischievous and mysterious character, Mollymauk is described as a “literal and figurative peacock”.


I wanted him to stand out as someone who would be a part of a travelling circus, but not to let the costume overpower the actor who would be playing him. To avoid this I limited the colour palette and different patterns, despite it being tempting to go completely overboard, as is his personality.

I focused on extravagance and took inspiration from Tudor and Stuart costume, exaggerating the sleeves of the coat and putting a larger focus on hand embroidery and beading.

Jester Final.jpg

Jester Lavorre

Jester’s fun loving and light hearted personality shines through her clothes, with trinkets relating to her past and her deity- The Traveller, and references to her growing up with a wealthy mother and loving the finer things in life. However her costume needed to be wearable while exploring and fighting.

I didn’t want to hide her feminity, so referenced Lolita fashion. Inspired by Victorian, Edwardian and Rococo clothing, this fashion was an act of rejection and rebellion against the expectation of women in formal Japanese life.

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