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Costume Design

For many years I specialised on replicating existing designs and translating characters from video games and cartoons into physical wearable products. However in the past few years I have been working on designing and making my own original costumes.

World building is vital when designing individual characters and is something I am always excited about when working on a design project. I love to think about different ways that costume can be used in performance and of ways that they could be developed into a physical product.

Mollymauk Final_edited.jpg

My final year degree project inspired by Season 2 of the popular D&D podcast, 'Critical Role'.

My designs currently consist of Mollymauk Tealeaf and Jester Lavorre, but I am currently expanding this project in my free time to include the remainder of the Mighty Nein.


A collaboration with with Hair, Makeup & Prosthetics and 3DFX students, we took the 1930's film "The Island of Lost Souls" and re-imagined it as a feature film in 2020.

Here I have my designs for three characters within the universe we developed which made sure to focus on incorporating the specialist skills from my team.

gold final_edited.jpg

An 18th Century Menswear project, I designed three characters from the book "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" with the intent to physically create a coat and breeches for one of them on a model of our choice.

FINAL_ full_edited.jpg

A collaboration with Hair, Makeup & Prosthetics and 3DFX students, we took the the Opera "Orpheus in the Underworld" and designed costumes to appear on stage for theatre.

This is my design for one of the characters we created.


A design project where I researched into ancient Noh theatre- specifically the play "Ikuta" and developed it in ways to modernise it for a contemporary audience.

I personally re-imagined it into an Interactive Theatre space combined with cabaret and burlesque themes

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