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My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

A surreal story about a boy in Africa who gets lost in a alternate reality full of ghastly characters, it was interesting to think about adapting this story to include 18th Century European clothing. 

I focused on a scene where he finds himself in a hallway with three doors in front of him, with three ghosts trying to coax him into one of their three rooms. A Golden Ghost, a Silverish Ghost and a Copperish Ghost. There isn't much description about the characters of these ghosts so it gave me a lot of freedom to create stories for each of them.

gold final.png

Golden Ghost

The oldest of the 3 siblings which reside in this strange world, the Golden ghost believes himself the best and strongest. He indulges in only the best things he has collected over the centuries but hasn’t noticed how it has corrupted him, body and mind.

He has taken on the appearance of the darker side of high royalty, over indulgence and green twisting him into something ugly and unnerving.

After my design was complete for the Golden Ghost I proceeded to make an 18th Century coat and breeches.

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