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Costume Work

I make costumes of all different shapes and sizes to suit budgets large and small.

From designing and making my own original content to working on a brief for a client or replicating costumes from your favourite film or cartoon.

I love developing individual characters and designing the costumes for them.

Here I have some examples of some of my design projects.


These costume pieces have come from my own designs or created while working for a designer. 


These costumes relate specifically to characters already in the media- i.e. film, television, video games and cartoons.


While I love to make things which are to be worn in front of the camera, it doesn't mean I like to always hide backstage!

I cosplay frequently myself but also have branched out into modelling a little on the side.


Non-Cosplay related work. These range from non-profit photoshoots to advertising campaigns. 


Most costumes I make are for myself, but sometimes I do buy pre-made costumes or commission them from others.

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