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The Island of Lost Souls

A collaboration project between Costume, Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics, and 3DFX students, we redesigned the film to focus on Climate Change and a future where the seas have risen to make the Earth nearly inhabitable for Human life.


Scientists combine the DNA of humans and animals in order to help our species survive- but it is a costly procedure which has led to a clear divide between those who can afford it and those who will go to any lengths in order to go under the knife.



M’Ling once was a laboratory assistant and was Dr Moreau’s most loyal servant. He followed his idol since his fall from grace and became one of Moreau’s first experiments upon moving to his new location. Dr Moreau considered his surgery a great failure and treats M’Ling as less than human, keeping him around purely because of his increased strength and unquestionably loyalty.

M’Ling has fixed his own clothes in order to fit them onto his new body- crude stitching and weathered heavily by spending most of his time in swamplands and underwater.

Development sketches for M'Ling


Experimentation and developments of techniques

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