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Modelling/Character Actor

While I love to make things which are to be worn in front of the camera, it doesn't mean I like to always hide backstage! I cosplay frequently myself but also have branched out into modelling and character acting on the side.

- Representing brands in cosplay (LOTR, Square, Ubisoft)

- Heroes Alliance UK, Free Comic Book Day, LFCC.

- Character Acting for Rainbow

- Modelling at LCF (Old man thing, grassy thing. 

- Sweatbox campaign

- Stuff for Meg


- Attack on Titan shoot

- Dr Strange

- Nier



Coming Soon

Most costumes I make are for myself, but sometimes I do buy pre-made costumes or commission them from others.

Non-Cosplay related work. These range from non-profit photoshoots to advertising campaigns. 

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